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Step 1
Screening Methodology
Step 1
Understanding Client Requirement

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Based on the discussion had with the client Job description to be signed off for that Position with the client detailing the following Job purpose/Job Responsibilities/Skill sets required/Experience,Qualification, CTC/Personal Characteristics
Step 2
Candidate Generation
The candidate generation phase may involve one or a combination of different approaches, including headhunting, direct candidate approach, internet search, advertisement and referrals from all sources.
Candidates are send the detailed Job description and based on the same word profiles of candidates received
Step 3
Screening And Assessing Of Candidates
Based on the Job description signed off with the candidate using unique Dimensional Matrix methodology candidates are screened and assessment snap shot report send to client along with the profile.
Step 4
Candidate - Client Meeting
At the end of the above process Utkarsh would recommend atleast 3 candidates at a time who would be ready to meet the client. The CVs of these candidates would be submitted along with Dimensioal matrix assessment sheet and discussed with the client. Utkarsh would co-ordinate the entire interview schedule and if required participate in the interviews. After each interview, we take feedback from both the client and the candidates.
Step 5
Formal Reference Check
After selection of candidate by the client, Utkarsh carries out reference check for providing insights about the candidate’s qualifications / experience, capability and on the softer aspects based on key points referred by clients
Step 6
Negotiations and Offer
Utkarsh would also assist the client in making the offer and negotiations wherever necessary
Step 7
Follow-Up Till Joining
We follow-up with the candidate till he / she joins the organization. We believe that our search is complete only when the selected candidate joins and settle in the new organization. Hence we pro-actively keep the search on and are available till the entire satisfaction of client.
Step 8
Keep Back-Up Active
As a backup strategy, we make the client identify another backup candidate i.e the next best fit and keep the relationship active till the search assignment is successfully closed
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